Here’s the three little beauties….ready and waiting to be blended to my specifications!

Custom Blending in Sacramento….Yippee!

So fun….spent time this afternoon creating a proprietary Bordeaux-like blend at RailBridge Cellars! Here are some pics of the process. Love my Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc perfect blend! Thanks to Michael Chandler, Brand Manager and RailBridge Cellars!

Cool Sacramento Wine Digs

If you local wine geeks are like me, you have enjoyed your wine around town in many places!  Who doesn't love 58-degrees, Ella, Sellands, their friends' homes and gardens, the house-red at One Speed, or a glass of Ladera at Tuli—I've loved those spots and so many more.  One place I always enjoyed was L-Street; I would spend most of my…


Wine Tasting Suggestions?????

It's the Holiday Season…and we all know that means it's time for some Christmas cheer, right??   Soon I'll be attending an extremely fun wine tasting party.  It is a blind-tasting and attendees can submit wines for tasting and judging.  I have gone in the past, and it is soooo much fun tasting nearly 20 wines….and then attempting to identify each…