Cool Sacramento Wine Digs

If you local wine geeks are like me, you have enjoyed your wine around town in many places!  Who doesn't love 58-degrees, Ella, Sellands, their friends' homes and gardens, the house-red at One Speed, or a glass of Ladera at Tuli—I've loved those spots and so many more.  One place I always enjoyed was L-Street; I would spend most of my money on tasting flights of wine–skip the over-priced food there, and then go eat the "Little Buck" tri-tip sandwich at Buckhorn!

Well, I discovered a super fun spot in Sacramento.  Check out RailBridge Cellars on North 16th Street.  It is Sacramento's original urban winery, and they do tastings by appointment.  You will love the brand manager, Michael Chandler, who is a 2nd level sommelier.  He's done stints at some of the best wine restaurants in town:  Matteos, Enotria, and David Berkely, and knows everything there is to know about wine.  He will introduce you to their very tasty, locally produced wines that are making a name for themselves.  RailBridge also has a new tasting/event facility at the top of the gorgeous Elk's Tower on J Street–thanks to new owners Michael and Katharine Gelber.  Here is a link to their website if you want to arrange a tasting  Visiting this place reminds you there are some cool places here in the River City.  I'm in the process of writing an article about these guys, actually, right now, as I enjoy a glass of their 2007 Merlot.  Cheers!  xoxoSB



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