I think the concept of Urban Wineries is totally cool and I decided I wanted to learn more about them.  I sleuthed out a great example here in Sacramento, RailBridge Cellars, and have featured them in an article  set to appear in the Winter 2012 edition of Edible Sacramento.  Take a  sneak peak at a portion of the story.  I'll keep you posted when it hits the stands! xoxoSusan

"In this writer’s opinion, RailBridge’s ace in the whole is Michael Chandler.   Chandler is a second level sommelier with a great reputation around town.  He has worked stints at some of the finer wine establishments in the area, including Enotria, Matteos and the former David Berkely.   He is currently studying for his Level 3 exam, a huge undertaking on its own.  This friendly, teddy bear of a guy seems to know every"one" and  every"wine" in town, which is no surprise, as he's a homegrown boy you can trace all the way back to Cal Middle School.  In every conversation with him, no matter which wine-related Sacramento personality or favorite bottle or glass of wine in town I wanted to gush about, Chandler had me beat.  As far as the people– he’d either worked with them, was friends with them, or had drunk copious amounts of wine with them all.   I swear, I’m not kidding, he’s sampled every wine in town—and beyond…he puts the rest of us to shame!"


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