Wine: A Subject of Mystery

If you are visiting this blog, I'm assuming you love wine as much as I do.  If you have a combo passion— wine, foodie, and perhaps reading,  then here's a tip for you!  There is a very small series entitled The Sunny McCoskey Napa Valley Mysteries,  written by Nadia Gordon, an author with ties to Sacramento.  Great titles:  Sharpshooter, Death by the Glass, Murder Alfresco, and Lethal Vintage….and all feature this great heroine, Sunny, who owns a little farm-to-table bistro in what I think is St. Helena or Yountville.  The stories usually involve her stumbling upon a murder in the wine country and attempting to solve the who-dunnit with the assistance of her gang of wine-loving friends–great characters in their own rights.

I just love it when a book is filled with references to things I love:  wine of all types, California cuisine, and so many of my favorites spots in Napa.  These books won't win a Pulitzer, but they are good fun!  Let me know if you pick one up!   I can't wait for the next book!   xoxoSusan



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