Wine changes over time…so does life.


(Image by Charlene Marcum, 2013)

Good wine takes time, great wines take even more time.  That is often the case with certain recipes, as well as with life!  Read my latest article for edibleSacramento on exactly this topic.  Here is the intro paragraph.  You can click on the link to get to the website and read the article in its entirety.

Such a great magazine…each and every edition.  I love being part of the team.


Seriously, I never thought I’d say it, and it sounds cliché’, but when you get a little older you do get a little wiser.  Something I’ve learned with the passage of time is that ultimately most everything will change; life isn’t static.  Our preferences shift in many areas, and we age into a complex blend of interesting subtexts. Friends will move on, families will grow with births and shrink with deaths.  That restaurant you love will take your favorite dish off the menu, or worse yet, close completely.  While thoughts of change may fill you with melancholia, it’s important to remember that change over time can produce amazing things in our lives, and this is nothing but true in relation to winemaking and cooking. 



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