Pinot Grigio: Which one NOT to drink this weekend!

I pride myself on being very honest with my readers.  When I think a wine is pretty good, you should be able to tell–I'm pretty fair, and when I'm amazed by a wine, I'm more than enthusiastic in my descriptions.  Sometimes…stuff just falls flat, like tonight. 

What I'm not recommending you try anytime soon:  Murphy-Goode Pinot GrigioIt was just a bad white wine, with all those elemental tastes of something cheap.  Figured it was a benign match for my Vietnamese Lemon Grass Chicken—not so.  As a matter of fact, it was my second bust of a wine at Sacramento's Star Ginger this year.

Even though sweet wines aren't really my thing, the Middle Sister Moscato from the other night was a much better quality wine for the price—and actually would have paired well with dinner.

If you have a good Pinot Grigio rec, I'm all ears.  xoxoSusan


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