Laissez Les Bon Temp Rouler!

Let the Good Times Roll.  It's Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday.  If you are lucky enough to savor some Cajun food today, keep these wine pairing suggestions in mind; they'll make for a memorable gastronomic experience. 

As a general rule:  Spicy food likes Sweet wine….the spicier the dish, the sweeter the wine.  Try an off-dry Gewurztraminer or Riesling from Germany, Washington or Oregon with your creole shrimp, etouffe, or other spicy southern faire.  While they are sweet, these wines also have enough acid to cut through some of the fat encountered in a typical cajun sauce.  If you are having a milder jambalaya, laden with heavy sausage, you could try a Viognier or California Rhone style Syrah.   If you have to drink red, no matter what, you could try the Syrah with any of the dishes above, or a sweeter Zinfandel from an appellation like Lodi.

When beignets are on the menu, do those amazing french donuts their deserved justice by choosing a sparkler!   Au revoir mon amis et laissez les bon temp rouler! xoxoSusan 



One thought on “Laissez Les Bon Temp Rouler!

  1. I missed this post! Next year we’ll need to put Paulette’s recipes to the test and serve your suggested wines.

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