Sangria…A Summer Pleasure

When the warm weather kicks in,  I often lose my taste for a glass of 55degree red.  My cool and clever solution is Sangria.  This Spanish staple is perfect for hot summer days and nights.  I throw whatever wine I have around the house in a glass over ice, top it off with some chilled Orangina, Aranciata or OJ & Pelegrino, then I add some slices of citrus, maybe a few apple chunks, and voila, a refreshing summer wine experience.  If you want your sangria with gusto, add a splash of brandy.  It's quick, easy and refreshing.  Enjoy! xoxoSusan


2 thoughts on “Sangria…A Summer Pleasure

  1. I’ve made a few of the sangria recipes that are in the “Memories of Spain” cookbook and they have been quite tasty.

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