Red Wine for Valentine’s Day

If you'd like a change from the traditional champagne and chocolate pairing of Valentine's Day fame, reach for a red.   While ports are often a paired accompaniment, I like a bold and jammy zinfandel.  Berry-laden and silky on the palate, those zins produced in a heavier style are perfect with chocolate– particularly dark.  My favorite of this style, Rombauer Zinfandel, is a little tough to find, but if you've got a specialty wine store near you, call them, they are likely to carry it, or can steer you in the direction of something they carry that is similar.  Locally, your best bets would be Taylors, Corti's, Beyond Napa or Capital Cellars.  Another, more easy to find example, is Seghesio Zinfandel Cortina.  It is at Total Wine, and has earned a 91 in WS.  Seghesio has been a big award winner the last few years. 

Wishing you love-filled celebrations tomorrow! xoxoSusan


4 thoughts on “Red Wine for Valentine’s Day

  1. Susan Brown

    I was blog surfing this morning and I stumbled upon your very interesting and somewhat unique rendition, and since I’ve stopped here, I’ll just put my two cents worth here: in general Seghesio yes (Focused/delicious) , Rombauer no (prominent alcohol too floral) Just my opinion.

  2. Hi Dennis–I am so glad you visited
    Susan Brown Uncorked and that you joined the conversation! All comments and opinions are welcomed and valued. Wine is a little like politics and religion…there is something out there for every palate. Last night I enjoyed a 2008 Elizabeth Spencer Special Cuvee Cabernet Sauvignon…subtle and refined. If you like cabs, you might enjoy! Cheers–SB

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