Welcome New Visitors!

There have been many new visitors to the blog lately; I welcome you, and am so happy to have you reading about, and hopefully learning some new stuff about wine.

Little bit of housekeeping. If you like what you read, at the top left hand, there is a box for an email notification system.  If you enter your email address in the box, each day, around 2p, if I have posted something new to this blog, you will receive a notification that I have done so.  No update, no emails. 

Interaction is fun, so if while you are reading,  something wine-related pops into your mind, please join the conversation and post a comment after the entry you've read…..so great for everyone to see what others are thinking AND drinking.

I encourage you to visit the archives on the right hand side of the blog.  I've been posting for 6 months, and you might enjoy some of the back stories….I really like August, and the post on Manhattans in the fall.

Tonight the tennis ladies are coming over and I'm doing a blind tasting of some whites…I'll report the results, and let you know what got rave reviews, and what was a bust.  Thanks for being a part of Susan Brown Uncorked!   xoxoSusan




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