Cab from the Santa Cruz Mts

My favorite contractor, Chris, brought us a bottle of 2007 Thomas Fogarty Santa Cruz Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. He built our home a few years back, and Doug and I have been able to call on him ever since. He’s a great guy and a talented contractor. One of the fun things we discovered over the years is our mutual love of wine, in particular big reds. He and I have shared quite a few wine stories and recommendations together, just not enough actual wine. When he stops by to save the day on something house-related, it is always at the end of his day—like 2pm–you know contractors–(lol… teehee Chris)– which is usually a little too  early for us to share a glass. When I opended the bottle the other night, I considered it a Susan/Chris virtual Happy Hour.

I don’t know if you’ve been to Thomas Fogarty, near Portola Valley, but lordy me, it is gorgeous. I attended a wedding reception there, and the views were stunning–you should go-go-go!!. As I swirled and sniffed the other night, the aromas presented as fruity, berry, and ultimately cranberry. Usually, the longer I sniff, the more specifically I am able to break down the components. I also got some standard oak aging related notes: vanilla and tobacco .

I actually preferred the earlier tastes in the glass–they were classic cabernet flavors that were bright and balanced. There wasn’t too much heat from the alcohol, and it tasted as though care had gone into it’s making. The texture was supple, with the tannins being quite soft; there was just a tiny linger to the finish. I did sense, however, that the longer the wine stayed in my glass, the less exciting it was and I didn’t find it to be particulary complex. The winemaking notes actually recommended decanting, which I disagree with….I think it would have ended up a little sleepy.

That being said, I really enjoyed the bottle, and would easily buy it for myself. It was a very drinkable, flavorful and pleasant wine–and I would recommend it as a dependable example of a Santa Cruz cab. It is priced well at about $20-25/bottle, depending upon where you find it.

Let me know if you pick up a bottle. Would love to hear your thoughts. And thanks again, Chris, I enjoyed our virtual tasting session! It reminds me, some day I’ll have to tell all you blog followers my funny Tapestry tale –another Chris wine story. xoxoSB


4 thoughts on “Cab from the Santa Cruz Mts

  1. Well my dear, that sounds like a tasty recommendation indeed! And the fact that I CAN get it at COSCO for under 20 bucks makes it taste that much better. Thanks for the vino research…..always appreciated!

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