Comments–A Blogger’s Best Friend

If you've ever maintained a blog, you know how it feels to be writing for the blogosphere.  If you haven't, suffice it to say, it can be a tad difficult to motivate oneself to get a blog entry out there.  You don't really know whether you (a) have readers, and if you do, (b) have entertained or educated them.  Do they like long entries or short entries, witty and edgy narratives or straightforward and scholarly pieces.  Actually, in speaking with some of my readers in person, I have found it to be a bit of all of that and more.  Therein lies the challenge.

Blog comments are an integral part of the equation.  Feedback for a blogger is ever-important.  Interaction with one's readers in the blogosphere can help direct content and keep a writer on his/her toes.  With this site, the comment section for each post is not very prominent; you must click on the tiny word "comment" at the bottom of each entry to even see anything anyone has left.  When I visit other sites I enjoy reading comments previous visitors have written.  I think a more obvious feature would probably encourage you to leave a thought or share your own wine recommendations.  This site has its limits for sure–I'm going to continue to research further comment capabilities at Typepad. 

Some of the comments left over the months have included wine suggestions, words of encouragement and praise, even some thoughts on editing.  I love them all, especially a few weeks ago when someone pointed out my misspelling on Burgundy….and a good thing they did.  What self-respecting wine blogger misspells Burgandy, oops, see it's easy to do!   I've been pretty consistent in responding to comments either via email or as a subsequent reply on an individual post.

So what got me writing today…well, a comment of course.  This afternoon, someone reading my recent post on Italian wines commented that it was a "good post on the topic".  I think it is cool that someone sitting at a lone computer, likely far away from mine, has somehow found my blog.  Regardless of whether it was facebook, google, twitter, or a cross reference from another blog that sent them my way, I like having the opportunity to commune with others who share a similiar interest in wine.  Maybe they'll come back, maybe they won't, but it makes the world feel like a  smaller, more accessible place.  That's why I blog.

And as a wine blogger you follow, my recommendation today is that you gather with friends or family to share some new wine.  Make it part of your plan to serve 2 varieties noone has tried.  We had dinner with our wine savvy friends Kelli and Ted and tried a DOCG Gavi from the Piemonte region of Italy and a Gruner Veltliner from Austria.  These crisp, cool white wines were perfect for an al fresco summer evening.  They were both a hit and we were each excited to have found great bottles to expand our respective repertoires. When you try something new, be sure to hit the comment button and tell us all about it!  xoxoSB


2 thoughts on “Comments–A Blogger’s Best Friend

  1. Thanks for the comment, Tom. I’ve now checked out what Steve has to say. Thanks for the tip. SB

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