Blind Wine Tasting Parties

I recently completed an article on the benefits of tasting wine blind.  To that end, I held a blind tasting party with friends, crunched wine score data, and presented the results in the story.  Here is a teaser for the piece that has just been published in the Summer 2012 issue of Edible Sacramento. 

"It’s a wine jungle out there and you have to be a savvy consumer.   Honestly, it’s not my intent to wax anti-establishment, but for many everyday wine drinkers, the tricks of the marketeers
easily influence perception of wine quality. We’re only human, and wine has become a luxury item, essentially like fashion, and is marketed as such.  Maybe you fall prey to a fancy label with sophisticated art, or you’re a sucker for a special note from the winemaker or a pretty wax seal on the bottle.  God knows how many times I’ve searched for a Wine Spectator score on the shelf nearby!"

Read the article in its entirety at

 Enjoy…and Happy Wine Wednesday! xoSB



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