I recently did a side by side tasting of some wines produced by local Sacramento winery, Revolution.  I should mention that I haven't loved their wines in the past, but have found their Port to be interesting.  I also don't care for Chardonnay, in general.  I've tasted in their tasting room and attended one of their wine dinners–so I've had some experience with their wines, I wouldn't call it vast.

Here are my thoughts on what I tasted at a recent food and wine pairing exercise.

'11 Revolution Dunnigan Hills Chardonnay-This was crisp and not overly oaked–I liked that winemaking perspective.  My Chardonnay-drinking tennis friends would like the $10 price tag.

'11 Rev St. Rey Dunnigan Hills Albarino,- I couldn't get past the very strong guava aromas at pour time–there was also grapefruit, but it was very subtle.  My HS Spanish Teacher Senor Valadez always had stinky guavas in his lunch in the back of the room–too close to this memory for me.  I prefer the lighter style of Albarino from the Rias Baixes of Spain, a cooler climate in northwestern Spain.  I'm sure the heavy tropical fruit essence in this wine has a bit to do with the fact the grapes are from Dunnigan Hills (northwestern Yolo County). 

'10 Rev Aparicio Zinfandel–Sorry to say I picked up acetic acid on this one..the smell of vinegar.  The presence of acetic acid is common in wine if there is exposure to air during the winemaking process.  Air + wine can equal kooky microbiological processes and results.  All that being said…once consumed with the tandori chicken, it was drinkable.

Lastly- '10 Rev St. Rey Sac County Celeste (Sangiovese, Malbec & Cab Franc).  This would be my pick of the evening.  Blends are  often a safe bet.  The different varieties of grape used can mask any potential imperfections found in a specific crop.  Blends round out the edges of a final product; many of my favorite wines are blends.  While it was a little over-ripe tasting, this is the wine I'd say you should try if you head over to Revolution.

Never easy to write less than glowing reviews on local businesses you want to promote, but I'm just keeping it real.  As I mentioned, they do some good Port.  I'd like to head over and try the Pinot Gris and  Rhone blend they offer.  We'll see how that goes.  xoSB


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