Thanksgiving Wine—What Will You Have With Your Feast

I am thankful for wine.  I am thankful that this elixir of grape is fascinating to me, that it has provided me countless hours of intellectual and culinary pursuit over the years.  The study of wine is multidisciplinary; in its simplest form it is biology, chemistry, geology, anthropology, geography, and history rolled into one.  In so many places around the globe it is a liquid manifestation of locavore consumption, a farm to table movement of its own.  So many reasons to be thankful.

At Thanksgiving this year I'll choose wines that enhance our celebratory feast.  It's not the time for that superstar magnum of Napa Cabernet Sauvignon I have tucked away.  That deserves its own night.  The traditional Thanksgiving meal has too much going on:  tastes, textures, veggies, different proteins, auntie's green bean casserole, and desserts gone wild.  At this point, I plan to start with a local Capay Valley Sparkling Viogner during premeal festivities–some may stretch that through the whole meal, and that would be appropriate.  I'll also serve Austrian Gobelsberger Gruner Veltliner and local Amador Foothill Syrah/Grenache Blend "Katie's Cote" at the table.  I'm still narrowing down dessert, but likely will offer port, scotch and more sparkling Viognier–oh and coffee too. 

As you gather around your own tables, I hope you'll join in toasting to family and friends, and of course, to wine!  xoSB


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