Studying Away-The CSW Exam

Wine—it's what I do.  When I'm not writing , blogging,or  tweeting about it, I'm creating Facebook trivia quizzes, watching video lectures and drinking the stuff—all while managing a family and all that entails.  When I get a free moment,  I try to study and read on the subject.  As a result, earlier this month I thought, "what the heck" and signed up to undertake a certification program through  the Society of Wine Educators, an organization based out of Washington DC. 

Passing the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) credential exam recognizes that a holder has attained a broad base of knowledge about wine that is equivalent to that of a mid-level wine professional. I've got to say, the study materials are more rigorous and dynamic than I expected.  I'm gonna sit for the exam in May, giving myself only 2 months to prep, which may have been a lofty goal since much of the online chatter I've read has people saying they had to study for months… 6-8.  AHA…I like a challenge. 

Right now my head is filled with all things chemical; subjects like acidic interaction, phenolic compounds and molecular breakdown in wines is beginning to turn my stomach….hmm, what was I thinking.  Don't even get me going on German wine labeling laws, I mean seriously.  However, the fact I'm owning up to the prep for the test means I am willing to show some vulnerability…in case I don't pass…I'm hoping this personal expose will motivate me to do some serious studying.

What's so groovy about this credential…, well, I get to put CSW after my name, which is cool, and I'll be in the company of some pretty well-versed individuals on the subject of wine.  I'll let you guys know how it's coming along.

Stay tuned for a list of delicious wines I drank at Chez Panisse last week with my sweet friend MaryKay!  xoxoSusan


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