Grape to Glass: Wines of the Sacramento Region –aka– @sacgrape2glass

There has been an abundance of talk in the Sacramento area lately about the Farm to Fork movement.  As a matter of fact, our City is trying to brand itself as the Farm to Fork Capital of America!   That is cool; it’s an exciting time in the locavore movement.   In support of that, I thought it would be beneficial to apply this philosophy more directly to wine.  While wine is certainly lumped into farm to fork theory by some, I believe it deserves it own limelight; it’s own appreciation campaign.

I am, therefore, excited to launch Grape to Glass: Wines of the Sacramento Region.  I consider this to be a grassroots community movement to promote the appreciation and consumption of local wines. From the Delta to the Foothills, from the Valley floor to the Capay, this region is teaming with talented winemakers producing wines from amazing harvests. There is something for everyone: Chenin Blanc, Zinfandel, Barbera, Moscato, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon and so much more.

I have established  a Facebook  page with the above title,  and a Twitter account @sacgrape2glass. These will be spots that facilitate conversation and share information about local wines, their characteristics and their ability to express vineyard terroir. They will profile vineyard agriculture, winery operations and creative winemakers. Hopefully we will ALL  talk about how wine can be an integral part of any locavore, slow-food, and sustainable lifestyle. (Note: if you head over to Facebook, be sure to hit the LIKE button at the top of the page.  “Liking” and “Sharing” pages on fb gets the message out to more people.  And don’t fret my wine friends, if what you’re really looking for are good wine recommendations, there will be a plethora of those as well.   As a matter of fact, here’s one to try:

Boeger ’09 Migliore Reserve from the El Dorado AVA.  This smooth and delicious red blend of 52% Refosco, 32% Aglianico and 16% Carignane is a treat and worth its price tag of $25. FYI, you can find many local wines for under $20;  we’ll talk about those soon.

I encourage you to start talking up Grape 2 Glass and let’s see where it takes us.   I have some preliminary ideas and would love to see the movement become influential in the wine retail and local restaurant arenas.   Feel free to share your thoughts as well, as every idea is a jump start to the next.  Join me in this movement and drink local!



(photo credit: Boeger Winery, El Dorado County AVA

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