Squeeze in some pink wine before the first chill hits


(Photos by Charlene Marcum)

I love writing for Edible Sacramento; it is a relevant and beautiful publication.  The theme for the last issue was “hot/cold”, and my interpretation of the theme led me to cover pink wines.   It was a spiffy time visiting restaurants and bars around town and tasting their pink wares:  lambrusco, rose’, and sparkling.  Half the fun was hanging with photographer and pal, Charlene Marcum, whose shots are in the article, as well as above–thanks Charlene!   I also hit stores in the region to acquire and try bottles of White Zinfandel and rose’ of Vinho Verde, Pinot Noir and Grenache.  Here is a little teaser, followed by a link to the article.

I grew up in Orange County–average number of days above 90 degrees:  maybe 20.  I’ve spent the last 19 years in Sacramento–average number of days above 90 degrees: about 74.  I think you see where I’m going with this.  Sacramento heat melts the decorative candles in my backyard and kills all my cool plants.  It even scalds my ass every time I sit on the black leather seats in my car.”


I would have loved to have shared this last month when the days were still extra steamy, but I have been experiencing technical difficulties with the blog…and hence, a noticeable lack of entries. Have had some work done on the mother ship; all should be good…at least for now.  Regardless, pink wines can be enjoyed any time of the year.  I’ll have plenty of dry sparkling rose’ on hand during the holidays; it is a perfect accompaniment to the gazillion appetizers served this time of year.

Things are changing at Edible; new folks are at the helm, and I’m looking forward to seeing where we’ll be steered next.  Stay tuned for future articles, and of course, blog posts.





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